Merida Leather Tote

Merida Leather Tote

Making your schlep look anything but schleppy

We believe a perfect leather tote should be in everyone's wardrobe which is why we set out to make one. The roomy shape was inspired by beach bags, enough to carry what you need but not too big that it gets weighed down. With an interior pocket and woven leather strap for a bit more comfort, we updated the details, but didn't mess with the classic tote silhouette. Height: 31cm (not including shoulder strap), width: 13.5cm, length: 28cm, shoulder strap drop: 26mm.

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Wander Effortlessly (we did the work)

We take timeless silhouettes and make them perfect for today. Simple shoes taken seriously, with hints of craftsmanship and unexpected details - here’s what we think makes this style special.